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How It All Started

Gregg Singleton is the creator of the GeeGee Sponge. A tile contractor for nearly 40 years, he’s remodeled countless bathrooms. Over the years, he’s seen thousands of floors that have been damaged by leaky showers and overflowing bathtubs. If water lingers on your bathroom floor, it begins to seep through the caulk or grout along your tub or shower. At that point, it starts deteriorating the bonding agent used to install your vinyl or tile, while at the same time deteriorating your subflooring. This can eventually cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Another common problem caused by sitting water is mold – an issue that will dramatically increase the cost of a tile or vinyl tear-out and re-do.

So how did Gregg come up with the GeeGee Sponge?

It was the month of September, and he was headed to his mother’s house for his traditional birthday dinner. She always cooked him a special dinner for his birthday – the perfect gift since she loved to cook and he loved to eat. During dinner, he noticed that something was a little “off” with her. She wasn’t her usual energetic self. He asked if she had been to the doctor lately, and she said she had an appointment the next week. 

After getting home that night, he began to worry. He called her to tell her how great dinner was and told her to make sure she kept her doctor’s appointment. Feeling a bit restless after the phone call, he decided to clean up around the house. When he got to the mater bathroom, he began to pick up the rug and towels he had rolled up in front of his shower. While standing there holding those stinky towels in his arms, he looked and the floor and thought how nice it would be to have something that would not only absorb the water in front of the shower but look nice too. That’s when the GeeGee first hit him. Of course, it didn’t come together right away – he knew he had to find the right sponge with a water absorbent cloth to wrap around it. He also knew that the cover would have to be removable so that it could be washed separately. 

After finding the right materials, he made the first GeeGee Sponge and put it in front of his shower. He continued to use it for months and loved it!

During that time, work had been really slow – which was probably a godsend because his mother was diagnosed with cancer. It was life changing for his whole family. He began to spend all of his extra time with her. His sister, bringing his six-month-old nephew, also flew out to offer her help and support.  One night while she was giving his nephew a bath, Gregg noticed her looking uncomfortable as she kneeled in front of the tub. He went and got the GeeGee Sponge that was in front of his shower and put it down for her to kneel on. She immediately fell in love with it and continued to use it during her stay. 

A few months later, after a courageous battle, his mother passed away in her home. Her whole family surrounded her. A memorial was held a few weeks later.

Once everyone left, Gregg was left alone to deal with the loss of his mother. It was a completely different time for him. Now that she was gone, he could no longer help or take care of her. There was nothing to do but grieve.

About three months went by and he found himself starting to pull out of the depression he had been going through. One day after coming home from the difficult and slow process of cleaning out his mother’s house, he was looking at the GeeGee Sponge he had given his sister to use. He thought, “Why not make these for use in front of the tub as well?”

He went and made a few more GeeGee Sponges, but this time, he made them a special size – he made them 28 inches so that one would fit most standard showers, and two would fit perfectly in front of a standard tub. In addition, he added an angle on one side to help prevent tripping when getting in and out of the shower or tub.

Now all he needed was a name for this great sponge. He decided to call it the GeeGee, a nickname for Gregg that started when his sister was just learning to talk. She couldn’t say Gregg and his mother said it sounded like she was saying ‘GeeGee’. From that point on, his mom, God bless her, and his sister have always called him GeeGee. Eventually, it also caught on with many of his friends. The name still sticks with him today.

From Gregg:

“I hope you all enjoy the GeeGee Sponge. I think my mom would have loved the name. Thank you all for taking the time to read our story. And always remember to give your mom a hug or a phone call on a daily – weekly basis, and to tell her you love her. God bless!”